My work

For more than 20 years I have helped people discover and develop their negotiation skills. I have worked with both managers and staff from a diverse range of professions, and from many different countries, and my focus has always been to promote negotiation as a tool to help us all deal with our differences.


So, if you need input and inspiration to negotiate the salary you wish for or that new, exciting job you dream of, let me give you a helping hand! My clients often tell me how valuable it is to deconstruct the process and take the drama out of negotiation. Realising how well you actually negotiate and using the tools strategically, makes it so much easier to achieve the goals you set yourself.


Read examples of women negotiating both at home and at work on my blog


My background

I spent my childhood in Denmark but left after finishing high-school to live in the UK, the US, Mexico, Australia and Sweden. After finishing my Master of Arts in Literature and Philosophy from Edinburgh University I spent a number of years working as a producer and project manager before realizing, that my real passion was teaching others how to negotiate.


Based in central Copenhagen I teach classes in a great variety of places from small town Denmark to London, Brussels, Shanghai and Tokyo. I help people understand negotiation as a process and give them tools to deal with challenging situations. My books focus on women negotiating, giving advice and a strategic overview of the various phases of the process as well as practical tools to support a constructive negotiation.


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Selected list of clients:


  • The EU Commission
  • The European Parliament
  • The Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Danish Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Danish Ministry of Culture
  • Danish Broadcasting Corporation
  • Local governments in Denmark


  • Novo Nordisk
  • FL Smidth
  • Radiometer
  • KPMG
  • IMEX
  • Danske Bank
  • Nordea