Salary negotiation

How to negotiate a salary, a raise or negotiate a job offer? Many women find it a challenge to negotiate on their own behalf, which has a lot to do with the often negative reaction we get when asking for something for ourselves. International studies show how negative stereotyping gets in the way, but luckily there are a range of strategic moves that will counteract this. Below are ten tips on how to prepare for your salary negotiation and other negotiations in the workplace

  1. Get the bigger picture

    Remind yourself what your job description is, and what you actually do. Those two are not always the same. Think about which of your tasks you enjoy most and what you could do without.

  2. You are worth it

    Looking at the work you do, think about how this makes you valuable to your place of work. How can you become even more valuable? And what would you like in return?

  3. Show how valuable you are

    Make sure your efforts and competencies are noticed by the right people. Find a way to show your worth and your achievements, and do this on a regular basis.

  4. Share important information

    What makes you a happy co-worker on a daily basis? What would you like to have more of? Less of? What would it take for you to become an even better co-worker? Tell the world – and your boss!

  5. Be optimistic

    Find out what you would really, really like to get in your salary negotiation, including as many different elements as possible like working hours, flexibility, holiday, career advancement opportunities, education etc. Be ambitious and find your optimistic starting point.

  6. Find your walk-away

    Carefully consider what the least acceptable result in a negotiation for you would be. Find out what other options you have, what your plan B would be.

  7. Let your boss know

    Well in advance of the meeting/negotiation, tell your boss what you would like the agreement to look like. Send your ambitious first demand, and give your boss time to consider your wishes before the negotiation.

  8. Don’t use arguments

    Trying to convince the boss, that you are right and they are wrong (when they say no) – will only make them dig their heels in. When you get a no, this is when the negotiation starts!

  9. Be curious

    Ask questions, produce ideas and make balanced deals. These are the ways to communicate, if you want to move the process forward and reach an agreement

  10. Bit-by-bit

    Suggest a time-out if things are not going your way. Spend the break finding more alternatives and investigating what it will take for the boss to say YES!