How to be both strategic and constructive in negotiation



In many companies and organizations there will be a range of situations where being an effective negotiator is key.


Getting a group of colleagues together and learning more about how to be both strategic and constructive in negotiation situations can improve both internal meetings and collaborations as well as dealings with external clients or stakeholders.


The format for training sessions is flexible; from 2-3 hours to several days or a sequence of workshops over a longer period of time.


The sessions are highly inter-active and exercise-based and tailor-made to the group’s needs. Participant numbers can be anything from 6-10 people to large audiences.





become difficult



Sometimes our business as well as our personal negotiations do not develop as we wish. Differences may seem too great or the content too difficult to handle.


Often we involve lawyers and accountants, friends and relatives at this stage, but most of the time it would be even more useful to involve someone to help you analyse and understand the negotiation process; what is really happening and why?


This will make it easer to design and implement a more contructive way forward.


The format of advisory sessions is one-on-one meetings combined with telephone/skype and e-mail conversations.


Women Negotiating

in the workplace and at home




The focus of the book is the terms under which we as women negotiate, but also on the many useful tools and skills we can draw on to make our negotiations both more constructive and rewarding for both sides of the table.


The book looks at classic workplace negotiations but also on the agreements we reach at home with family and friends.


The book is available for purchase in a pdf format in my webshop.


You can read a synopsis of my book here.


…..Negotiating With Yourself

…..Selling Yourself Short part 1

…..Selling Yourself Short part 2

….. How to deal With Getting a No

….. Stop Arguing your Case part 1

….. Stop Arguing Your Case part 2

…..You Get What You Negotiate


Malene Rix


Master of Arts

b. 1965


I have worked as a negotiation advisor and trainer for the past 15 years.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark I have worked with a great number of both private and public sector clients ranging from ministries, municipalities, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Commission to global corporations and management associations and unions.


Focus has been on advising and teaching many different types of professionals, both employees and management.


My work has been primarily in Europe but recently my business has been expanding to include work in China and Japan.


Past experience includes many years of studying and working abroad in England, Scotland, The United States, Australia, Mexico and Sweden.

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