Privacy Policy

Last updated on 4th September 2018



1.                General information

1.1                   This website is owned by Malene Rix, 26274664, Østerbrogade 52, 3tv, 2100 Copenhagen Denmark.

1.2                   Malene Rix Negotiation are concerned with protecting your personal data.

1.3                   This policy (the ”Personal Data Policy”) explains which personal data concerning you we collect when you visit our website (the ”Website”), when and why we collect the personal data, how we use them, the conditions of our disclosure to third parties, as well as how we secure the stored personal data.

1.4                   Please read the Personal Data Policy thoroughly in order to understand how we process your personal data.


2.                Who are we

2.1                   Malene Rix Negotiation is a consultancy company registered in Denmark under CVR no.26274664.


3.                Personal data collected directly from you

3.1                   We collect various personal data concerning you when you are using the Website.

3.2                   Registration of user:

·        In order to create and manage your purchase, we request your name and e-mail address.

·        In order to make a purchase, you are required to accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, after which our processing of your personal data will take place as part of an agreement between you and us.

3.3                   Marketing

·        We do not use your contact details for marketing purposes

3.4                   Inquiries

·        When you send an inquiry to us through our contact form, we use the personal data that you have stated in the contact form to answer you.


4.                Personal data collected from third parties

4.1                   In some cases, we collect your personal data from third parties:


5.                Payment information

5.1                   When you purchase services from us, we request you to state your payment card details (card no., expiration date, security code). We are using a secure third party to manage transactions.

5.2                   You can read more about security and our trade terms and conditions her.

5.3                   Your payment information will be stored as long as the third party is entitled or obliged to store it pursuant to legislation. You can read more about this directly with the third party here.


6.                Security

6.1                   All your personal data are stored on secure servers in Denmark.

6.2                   We have implemented appropriate technical, organisational and physical measures to ensure a level of protection of your personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access in accordance with the data protection legislation in Denmark and the EU.

6.3                   In spite of our efforts to establish a secure environment for the Website, you should be aware that no information is completely secure on the Internet. Therefore, you should always take the necessary safeguards on your own equipment.


7.                Duration of storage

7.1                   We will store your personal data until these are no longer necessary for us to process. In certain situations, it may be difficult to envisage an exact period, but the below paragraphs list our periods for the processing of your personal data.

7.2                   Inquiries from you:

·        Stored until six months after completion of processing.

7.3                   If we have reason to store your personal data as part of the protection of our legitimate interests, including for example legal disputes, we reserve our right to store your personal data for an extended period and minimum until the legal dispute has been determined.


8.                Transfer of your personal data

8.1                   We transfer your personal data to third parties when it is necessary in order to provide you with our service. Third parties shall mean: Security-cleared data processors, who are assisting us (or the group) with IT or other services

8.2                   When we transfer your personal data to business partners, you should be aware that these might have stored personal data concerning you collected by other means, e.g. if you have been in contact with them in another context.

8.3                   We also transfer your personal data to the above or other third parties if we are obliged to do so according to legislation or in order to protect our or the group’s interests in legal disputes.


9.                Your rights

9.1                   You have the right of access to the personal data we are processing concerning you, as well as to have your personal data updated, rectified or erased, or to obtain a copy of your personal data. All requests shall be made in writing to

9.2                   If you want to lodge a complaint over our processing of your personal data, please contact us directly. If we cannot help you, you can lodge a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.


10.             Changes

10.1                We reserve our right to make changes to the Personal Data Policy from time to time. If such changes are substantial, we will notify you via e-mail, provided that you have a Profile.