Women sharing their real life negotiation stories

Women are great negotiators and I need your help spreading the word! Please share your stories of what works particularly well when you negotiate, and together we will build a library of real life experiences and helpful advice. Just fill in the form below and contribute with your valuable insights. Thank you

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Please share your stories of successful negotiations with me and everyone else. Although it is important to talk about the challenges we meet in negotiation, it is just as important to discover what we do that works. This will make it easier to apply the techniques and tools we alread use in a more strategic way.


We also need to show the world, that women are very competent negotiators. Hearing about other women negotiating great results will help dispel the myth, that negotiation is a real man’s game where you need to be hard and uncompromising to be successful.


Negotiation is so much more interesting than that. It is about being curious, creative and constructive, making agreements that take other people into consideration and keeping a focusing on what it will take to overcome disagreement.


So many women negotiators are all of this as well as being both resilient and robust. Let’s demonstrate that constructive negotiation is a people’s game, and that women are accomplished players too.



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